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Ocean Shores, Washington

The Beach


The beach is America's favorite getaway. In Washington, Ocean Shores is the state's most visited seaside destination. And no wonder, with six miles of wide-open public sandy beaches which extend north of Ocean Shores for more than thirty miles.

Ocean Shores features five beach approach roads so, no matter what time of year you visit, you will most likely find a secluded section of beach you can call all your own - at least for a while. You may have to share it with a few seagulls, or an ocassional horse and rider who stroll past.

While the beach is an incredible draw, there are a few things you should know about:

1. The highest tides of the year occur in July and again in December. During these periods the tides will change by as much as 12 feet, an amazing change. While the sound of the pounding surf is always impressive, the roar of the ocean during these months is incredible.

2. The best times to visit the beach include the winter months where winter storm watching has become a favorite pastime. It's not uncommon to have 100 mile an hour winds hit the coast, and often the power will go out for a few hours. Usually, this just adds more drama and excitement to the excitement of winter storms.

3. Swimming in the surf is not advised. With waters averaging approximately 50 degrees (farenheit), hypothermia can set in rather quickly. But the biggest danger is being caught in a riptide which can pull a swimmer out to sea quickly. If you do decide to go for a brisk swim and you get caught in a riptide, do NOT try to swim against it toward shore. Instead, swim to the left or right, parallel to the beach, (usually 10 or 20 feet) to get out of the riptide. Then head back to shore.

The ocean surf puts on quite the performance, perhaps the world's most powerful performance and we invite you to come witness it. After all, our front row seats are always free.

Source: http://www.oceanshores.org


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