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Ocean Shores, Washington

Weather and Seasons


Ocean Shores features a marine climate with cool and comparatively dry summers, and mild but relatively wet winters. As is typical in a marine environment, brisk ocean breezes are common.

Total rainfall in 2004 was 57 inches with 56% of the annual total (32.4") accumulating in the four months of October, November, December and January. It is not uncommon to have 1" to 3" of rainfall accumulate in a short period of time. The average annual rainfall for past 8 years is 67.8"

Mid-year temperatures (daytime) average between 62 to 65 degrees. Seldom do temperatures dip to freezing or rise above 75 degrees.

The current weather and forecast

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Click on the Northwest CableNews link (above) and take a look at the beach and weather in Ocean Shores from the NWCN weather cam. The camera refreshes every few minutes. Because of the salt air at the beach, sometimes the camera lens looks a little hazy, but that doesn't mean it's a gloomy day at the beach! The camera is located at the Shilo Inn Beachfront Resort.

Recommended attire

Ocean Shores provides a casual comfortable atmosphere year round and so casual attire is, of course, recommended. For outdoor activities, wind breakers or sweat shirts are advised year round, and rain gear is advised between October and March. While Ocean Shores does not see more rainy days than most of the Puget Sound region, when it does rain, it is often quite heavy often double the quantity of rain in inland areas.

During the wetter winter months, Ocean Shores becomes a popular destination for winter storm watching, which will often generate 25 foot seas and 100 mile an hour winds. During these times, the power may go out, which, in most cases, justs adds to the ambiance and excitement.

Average monthly precipitation

Month Average precipitation (seven years)
MARCH 9.4"
APRIL 7.2"
MAY 3.5"
JUNE 2.7"
JULY 1.8"

Source: OceanShores.org



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